Biofitea Slimming Herbal Tea 5 Teabags

Biofitea Slimming Herbal Tea 5 Teabags

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Biofitea Slimming Herbal Tea with Senna Leaves and Senna Pods - 30 Teabags (Laxative and Detox)

- Active Ingredient: Sienna Leaves - These herbal leaves are used to treat constipation, increasing bowel movement.
- Better Digestion - Senna Leaves smoothen the muscles as digested food moves through the intestines, improving your digestion and reducing your body weight to normal.
- Cleanses Your Insides - It helps enhance your stool volume and moves it out of the colon.
- Expels Fats and Toxins - Biofitea flushes away your unwanted fats and toxins before it’s absorbed by the body.