Cherifer Drops 30 mL

Cherifer Drops 30 mL

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CHERIFER Drops Vitamin with CGF with Taurine 30 mL

  • Contain Vitamin A for improved vision as well as Taurine for the optimum brain-development of a smarter, healthier child.
  • Enhances growth and psychomotor development
  • Each dose of CHERIFER Drops also contains 150% RDA of Vitamin C for increased resistance against infection as well as serving as an excellent antioxidant needed for growth and the development and maintenance of healthy gums.

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Infants less than 6 months (0.3 mL daily)
6months - 2 years old: 0.6 mL daily)


Contains Vitamins A , D3, B1, B3, B6, B12, C, Taurine, Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), purified water, sweeteners, humectants, permitted preservatives and banana flavor