Cherifer Syrup with Zinc 240 mL

Cherifer Syrup with Zinc 240 mL

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CHERIFER Forte Syrup with Taurine &, Double CGF + Zinc 240 mL

Cherifer Forte Syrup is a food supplement that helps maximize growth potential &, strengthens the immune system to increase overall resistance to stress &, infections.
-Enhances appetite.
-Promotes tissue repair &, healing, further develops brain functions.
-Prevents &,/or corrects nutritional deficiencies.
-Improves vision.
-Shortens duration &, severity of colds, malaria, pneumonia &, diarrhea.
-Best taken during growth gap yr (2-6 yr).


Maximizes the Child's Growth Potential: ,Cherifer Forte Syrup With Taurine &, Double CGF is a vitamin preparation with double-strength CGF for the child's growth potential. Chlorella Growth Factor is a growth-promoting and cell-nourishing substance that contains nucleic acids.
Enhances Brain Development: ,Cherifer Forte Syrup With Taurine &, Double CGF contains a high amount of taurine that enhances brain development, visual and motor skills of an active, growing child. It is also fortified with lysine that enhances appetite and is of value in upgrading utilization of food in low-quality protein.
Improves Vision: ,Cherifer Forte Syrup With Taurine &, Double CGF contains 105% RENI of vitamin A, which, together with taurine, plays an essential role in the function of the retina to improve vision. It is also important in producing energy and promoting efficient metabolism of food by ensuring proper conversion of food elements for energy and growth. It is an antioxidant which helps protect cells against diseases.
Maximizes Metabolism and Utilization of Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats: ,Cherifer Forte Syrup With Taurine &, Double CGF provides a sufficient supply of B-complex vitamins that provide metabolic support to maximize absorption, metabolism and utilization of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They are essential components of the metabolic machinery of all cells and are essential for normal blood formation. They increase overall body resistance to stress and infections.

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Contains Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and is fortified with Amino Acids, Lysine and Taurine