Pond's White Beauty Serum Cream

Pond's White Beauty Serum Cream

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PONDS White Beauty Super Cream Moisturizer for Normal Skin 7g

Ponds Bright Serum Day Cream has Vitamin B3+ that combines the power of Vitamin B3 with 12HSA, for the most powerful brightening solution ever from Ponds Bright.

It goes deep inside your skin to brighten from within and UV filters that protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun for a rosy bright glow outside!

Its a cream that leaves a powder finish that you can instantly feel after application. Help fight 10 of the toughest skin problems with the best ever Ponds Bright Serum Day Cream!

Features of Ponds White Beauty Super Cream:
1. Gluta-Boost Essence - 10x more potent than Vitamin C. Boosts your skins natural Glutathione to help brighten up skin and fade dark spots
2. Vitamin B3+ - reduce dullness and minimize the appearance of visible pores
3. UV Protection