Gluta C Intense Underarm and Bikini Whitening Gel

Gluta C Intense Underarm and Bikini Whitening Gel

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GLUTA C Underarm and Bikini Skin Whitening Gel (Alcohol-Free)

This water-based gel form allows the faster and deeper penetration of Glutathione, Vitamin C and Daisy Flower Extract hastening the whitening, brightening, evening out of the underarm, bikini, and other sensitive areas. It slows down hair growth to reduce tweezing or shaving. It gently exfoliates, moisturizes and firms up the skin while keeping it clean and odor-free.

Intense Whitening Action
Daisy Flower Extract, together with master antioxidants, Glutathione and Vitamin C, Arbutin, and other natural extracts visibly lightens, brightens and smoothens the underarm.

Reduces Hair Re-growth
Soybean seed extract has been proven to reduce and delay hair growth, reducing the need to frequently remove unwanted hair and minimizing the appearance of uneven bumps on the skin.

Softens and Smoothens Skin
Natural Extracts improve the underarm by removing dead skin cells thus smoothening your skin without the harsh chemicals. The combination of these skin-friendly ingredients soothes the skin and prevents inflammation even after waxing, shaving or plucking.

Other Product Highlights
With 3X more antioxidants
Dermatologist and clinically-tested safe and effective
Alcohol Free
Triclosan Free
No harsh chemicals