Lola Remedios (6 sachets)
Lola Remedios (6 sachets)
Lola Remedios (6 sachets)
Lola Remedios (6 sachets)
Lola Remedios (6 sachets)
Lola Remedios

Lola Remedios (6 sachets)

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Lola Remedios Food Supplement Syrup is your all-natural just-right Remedio saLamig! You don't have to worry about side effects in the long-term as it gives a Soothing Relief fromLamig. Lola Remedios is a unique formulation inspired by our Lolas traditional remedies, but now blended in a convenient, ready-to drink sachet

Indications of Lola Remedios:
Address colds and other respiratory discomforts, relieve headache and dizziness, soothe sore throat, boost immunity and remedy weakness / body malaise, prevent cough and loosen mucus / phlegm, increase energy levels and reduce fatigue, relieve body pains and aches in the mouth, ease allergies, alleviate flu-like signs, and improve digestion and relieve stomach discomforts.

Benefits of Lola Remedios:
1. Clove - with Eugenol and essential oil used as home medicine to relieve body pain.

2. Mint - infused with menthol that helps relieve sore throat, clogged nose, and body pain

3. Honey - used as intial remedy for cough and colds. With anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that helps you sleep comfortably.

4. Fennel - with natural carminative that helps relief body pains and sore throat.

5. Gnger - used as home remedy medicine to help relieve body pain and sore throat.

Each Lola Remedios Syrup contains mint, honey, ginger, clove, and fennel

No approved therapeutic claims

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Shake well, tear-off the sachet, and drink directly from the sachet.

1-3 Sachets a day.




Mint, Honey, Ginger, Clove, Fennel, Peppermint Oil, Indian Screw, Palm Sugar, Sucrose, Water