Manuka Cream
Manuka Cream
Manuka Cream
Manuka Cream
Manuka Cream
Bella Amore Skin

Manuka Cream

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MANUKA CREAM by Bella Amore Skin all in 1 Miracle cream! a gel- type water-based cream used as moisturizer it soften the skin by forming an occlusive oil film on the stratum corneum, thus decreasing the transepidermal water loss.


💜Here are some of the benefits:

✅ Prevent dry, rough, flaky and itchy skin

✅ Soothe the irritated area

✅ Scar eraser ✨ (can lighten scars)

✅ Universal Cream (all in 1)

✅ Moisturizes skin

✅ fights pimples blemishes

✅ Reduce Sign of Aging (full of anti-oxidant)

✅ Prevent wrinkles

✅ Revitalize skin & regenerates collagen

✅ prevents heavy oil production

✅Possess natural healing properties

✅ with natural Anti inflammatory properties

✅ Lessen Redness of skin

✅ with natural anti bacterial properties

✅ improves skin discoloration

✅ improves skin tone, makes more skin radiant

✅ helps Lightens skin

✅ with natural bleaching component

✅ softens skin

✅ protects your skin barrier

✅ full of organic emollients that helps with persons with any skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema.

✅ hydrates skin and lock in moisture

✅ organic 💯

✅ Safe for All skin types 💯