Nlighten O2 Glowin Serum Mask
Nlighten O2 Glowin Serum Mask

Nlighten O2 Glowin Serum Mask

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🌺Nlighten O2 Glowin serum Mask 🌺🌻 benefits..
- helps brighten the skin
- helps reduce blemishes from the skin
- helps remove dead cells and dark spots
- helps moisturize the skin
- helps restore skin barrier
- helps reduce lines
- Anti oxidant agent
How to use.
Step 1.begin a with a perfectly clean face your daily rinsing routine.
Step 2.Remove the mask from the pouch and gently an fold .
Step 3.Carefully place over the eye area first and then smoothen out across the rest of your face lay the mask flat on your face you can apply the excess serum left in the pack over your neck and your elbows or all over.
Step 4. Gently remove the mask cover .
Step 5. Leave the mask in your face for 25.minutes after it gently remove the mask message the serum left in your face and your neck don ,t rinse the face after using the mask.
Step 6. Feel your infused skin with moisturize and you then feel nourishment.