Pond's BB  Perfect Radiance Translucent Powder

Pond's BB Perfect Radiance Translucent Powder

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PONDS BB Magic Powder 50G

Pond',s BB Magic Powder is one of the most popular products made in Thailand. This fine, light powder has a pronounced matte effect. It prevents oily shine and helps to eliminate skin imperfections because it is formulated with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients. For brighter, smoother skin, this powder is perfect for mid-day touch-ups because it helps brighten and mattify skin!

Translucent powder with smooth and fine BB for perfectly smooth skin to blur out the pores and black spots.

The translucent fine and smooth brightening powder for all skin types, mixed with physical sunscreen that is free from chemicals which may cause irritation to the skin (non-chemical sunscreen). It helps protect the skin from UVA and UVB, one of the causes of blemishes, black spots and wrinkles, and uneven skin tone from sunlight.

Benefit of Pond',s BB Magic Powder:
- Ultra fine translucent powder
- Smooth, flawless finish
- UVA & UVB protection

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