Ryx Beauty Lotion
Ryx Beauty Lotion
Ryx Beauty Lotion
Ryx Beauty Lotion

Ryx Beauty Lotion

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This Beauty Lotion by Ryx Skincerity is made with Japan’s Latest Technology in Skin Whitening, is infused with Natural Plant Extract and is enriched with Collagen and Vitamin E! This lotion sinks right into skin and never feels heavy, greasy or sticky.

These premium ingredients will leave your skin smooth, soft and moisturized. It helps replenish your skin’s essential lipids and provide all day hydration. Great for the whole family, suitable for kids.

  • Made in Japan
  • Safe for kids, prego and lactating moms
  • FDA notified
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Clinically-tested!
  • with health certificate from Japan Health Ministry
  • GMP!
  • FDA notified 🇯🇵🇵🇭
  • Whitening & Brightening
  • Moisturizing & Nourishing
  • Natural UV protector

This lotion is a hydrating and enriching body lotion that’s both light and nourishing at the same time. Formulated to lighten and brighten skin tone. This extra strength formula consists of a dynamic combination of natural Plant extract. This lotion will wrap your body in moisture not heavy, not greasy, and leaves skin healthy, supple and glowing.

It is mild & non-irritating. It is also recognized as a safe and scientific whitening ingredient. Glabridin has become a popular whitening ingredient in the international high-end cosmetics. The ingredient is widely used in cosmetic brands in Japan, South Korea and many countries in Europe and America such as Whoo, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Dior, Chanel. Etc.

Extra rich, non-greasy, non-sticky lotion to nourish and soothe extra dry skin.
Apply once or twice daily all over your body and show your skin some love.